To Market, to Market.

One of many lovely Brooklyn Flea finds, Jessica DeCarlo gold earrings.

Weekend markets are very popular in New York and there are many to discover! Our favorite market by far is the quaint Brooklyn Flea Market at 176 Lafayette Avenue. It has a great mix of local artisans, collectors and food. The quality is excellent and the prices are unreal. I really had to resist not buying everything in sight! The size is also perfect for a morning hour or two of shopping. Jessica DeCarlo is a local jewelry designer who was at the Brooklyn Flea. She had amazing, unique pieces often with a hammered effect. Please check her out at! More Brooklyn Flea posts to follow! 

Winnipeg has great open air markets too! The Exchange District is known to host a market for several Winnipeg festivals throughout the summer months, and the Culture Days festival on this weekend is no exception! It sounds like it will be primarily artists selling their crafts! The last outdoor market of the season is a must to check out tomorrow, Saturday October 1st from 11am-6:30pm. Shop ’till the sun sets! (So very early these days!) We will let you know what we pick out!

Hit the streets!


Al and Blaine